Day & Artificial Light Consulting

150 Years of German High-End Light Consulting

The DERSCHUTZ Light Consulting Team, based on the advanced German lighting technology of SITECO, a Siemens Lighting Group in Germany, has been carrying out the best domestic and international Lighting Consulting, Daylight Consulting, Sports Lighting Consulting, and Research R&D Projects.
They provide the optimal solutions and the best lighting environment consulting in Korea through efficient and sophisticated consulting utilizing both artificial light and sunlight.
Notable projects include indoor and outdoor lighting at Incheon Airport, the National Museum of Korea, the Gwacheon Science Museum, the Seoul Gangbuk Municipal Art Museum, Bear Creek Country Club, and the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

1. Daylight Control System

National Museum of Korea, Samsung R4 Research Institute, Mullae-dong Paragon,Pangyo SK Chemicals Headquarters , Mugeo Tunnel in Ulsan

National Museum of Korea

Samsung R4 Research Institute

Mullae-dong Paragon

2. Golf Lighting

Bear Creek Chuncheon, Bear Creek Pocheon, Seolhaewon, Hongcheon Vivaldi Country Club, Namyeoju Country Club etc.

Bear Creek Chuncheon

Seolhaewon Country Club

Source from:

Hongcheon Vivaldi Country Club

3. Research & Consulting

  • Building Sunlight Reflection Reduction Measures
  • Research on Shaft System for Indoor Environment Control
  • Lighting Environmental Assessment According to Seoul Streetlight Improvement Project
  • Analysis of Solar Light Reflection of the New Seoul City Hall Building
  • Classification of Solar Lighting System Technology and Development of Performance Test Standards
  • Building Sunlight Reflection Reduction Measures
  • Mock-Up Measurement and Analysis of Solar Light Reflection Reduction Measures for NAVER Building
  • Research on the Expansion of Greening Existing Buildings Based on Market Demand
  • Smart Highway Project – Research on Utilization of Natural Energy in Road Facilities
  • National Institute of Environmental Science’s Zero Energy Building (Micro Louver, Indoor Lighting, Light Duct, Indoor Environmental Control System)
  • Lighting Design and Economic Evaluation of LED Tunnels – The 2nd Yeongdong Expressway
  • Proposal for Building Energy Performance Diagnosis and Integrated Maintenance Guidelines – Lighting Section
  • Development of High-Functionality and Active Envelope Systems and Commercialization and Demonstration of New Insulation Materials
  • Seoul’s Light Pollution Environmental Impact Assessment and Measurement Research

4. Technical Lighting

Incheon Airport Terminals 1·2, Jeju Airport, Gimhae Airport, Seoul(Seongnam) Air Base, National Science Museum, SK Daejeon Branch, Seoul National University Emblem, Samsung Electronics Research Institute, Korea University Centennial Memorial Hall, Bundang Tower Palace

Incheon Airport Terminals 1·2

National Science Museum

Gwacheon Science Museum

5. Sports & Stadium

Suwon World Cup Stadium, Jeonju World Cup Stadium, Jeonju KCC Stadium, Asian Games Stadium in Ganghwa·Gyeyang·Seonhak and Namdong, Jangchung Gymnasium, Ski Slope in Vivaldi Park, Gangneung Sports Complex

6. Gallary

Seoul Gangbuk Museum of Art, Daejeon Museum of Art

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