Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the different dimension of corporate services with DERSCHUTZ.

imply comparing the price of sun control film, DERSCHUTZ products are on the higher side.

However, when you combine the cost of applying sun control film with the cost of blinds or curtains, the prices become comparable.

While UV rays are a significant factor in causing fading and discoloration of indoor items, they are not the sole contributing factor.

To prolong the lifespan of products and prevent fading and discoloration, it’s effective to block not only UV rays but also solar energy as a whole.

DERSCHUTZ blinds systems can block not only UV rays but also visible light, with a blocking efficiency of 93-98%, significantly delaying fading and discoloration of indoor items by more than 5 times.

Installation is carried out by the DERSCHUTZ professional installation team, and it typically takes around 1-2 hours for a standard apartment.

The exact duration may vary depending on the work environment and quantity.

For inquiries regarding installation duration, please contact us at +82) 2-1544-0857

We will be happy to provide you with friendly assistance.

DERSCHUTZ Blind Systems use films with 2% and 7% light transmission rates.

For inquiries about different types of films, please contact us at 1544-0857

We will be happy to provide you with guidance.

The durability of DERSCHUTZ Multi-Films is over 20 years, unlike blinds made of regular fabric, they do not become contaminated and can be used semi-permanently.

Please measure the width and height of the windows or openings where you want the installation.

You can receive an estimated quote based on the measurements you provide.

For the actual production, a specialized consultant will visit and proceed with custom manufacturing based on the measured estimate.

We can provide services anywhere in the country, although a travel fee may apply depending on the location.

For more detailed inquiries, please contact us at 1544-0857for guidance.